2024-04-08: First Julia package from openstatsware published

2024-03-12: We are now also an EFSPI and PSI Special Interest Group!

2024-03-05: Announcing the Clinical Trials Task View Hexwall

2023-10-18: Celebrating 5 workshops on good SWE practices in 2023

2023-10-03: Summary of our session at this year’s Regulatory-Industry Statistics Workshop

2023-09-27: Announcing the new short name and logo

2023-07-25: R Package Workshop in Rockville (MD) on 26th September open for registration

2023-07-20: {brms.mmrm} R package made public as open-source software (under development).

2023-04-27: Bayesian MMRM workstream page launched

2023-03-09: Online workshop in Asia on 24th March open for registration

2023-03-05: HTA Workstream is here now

2023-02-13: Workshop on good software engineering practice for R

2023-01-20: Presentations are now available on this site

2022-11-16: Article introducing the SWE WG in BIOP Report

2022-10-24: Announcing the new ASA BIOP working group on Software Engineering

2022-10-10: Added hex sticker for the working group. Credits to Kalashnyk on Flaticon for creating the sticker icon.

2022-10-07: Initial publication of the website.

NA: New European working group co-chair