New European Working Group Co-Chair

Announcing a new working group co-chair in the European region




April 21, 2024

Hi everyone,

Alessandro here. I am writing to announce that I am taking up the role of co-chair for the openstatsware working group. This is motivated by Daniel relocating to Taiwan, thus we felt we needed a person located in the European region to take up the role (I am based in Sweden).

Let me quickly introduce myself: my name is Alessandro Gasparini, and I am currently a senior biostatistician and software developer at Red Door Analytics in Stockholm, Sweden. I am trained as a biostatistician, but have been writing code (in a variety of languages) for over a decade now; you can read more about me and my background here.

Daniel and Ya have done a fantastic job leading the working group so far and I look forward to further contributing to the goals of the working group.