First Julia package from openstatsware published

Announcing Bayesian Safety Signal Detection package

SafetySignalDetection.jl is our first Julia package, please try it out!



April 8, 2024

We are happy to announce the first Julia package from openstatsware: please welcome SafetySignalDetection.jl. This package implements Bayesian safety signal detection as proposed by Brock et al. (2023) using the Turing.jl framework. Please have a look at the corresponding introduction to learn more.

We successfully added the package today to the official Julia registry (link), such that you can easily install it in Julia using:

using Pkg

The corresponding workstream is open for new members who are interested in further developing the package, e.g. adding methodological variations etc.

And if you are interested in a presentation about why Julia is interesting for implementing statistical software, don’t miss the PSI webinar on 17th April!